Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Birthday Week

So I had my "birthday week" this week and it was awesome. The birthday week idea is from my sister-in-law Jamie. She is all about stretching the fun out. I wouldn't be surprised if she tried pushing for the "birthday month." Well, I'm now 27 and still feeling like I'm way too young to have a 4 year old and 3 kids. I am just babysitting, right?

Saturday was great. A day that's pretty tough to top. I had a massage in the morning and a hair cut in the afternoon. Nothing drastic, just a trim and lots of layers added. But I bought my first round brush and after 1 1/2 hours on Sunday trying to recreate the proper look I have to give props to all of you out there that know how to use one. I actually scratched my face with the darn bristles and worn my arm out. My other sister-in-law Trisha has promised to give me lessons.

Then to top off the day, I went to Costco sans kids! Seriously, as a lot of you know, I LOVE COSTCO!!!! If you ever come to our house you'll see that our house is made from Costco. And they have the BEST return policy (that's for you Asialene). So I got to browse the isles without chasing down kids or hearing my sweet hunny asking if "we're done yet." And I got out of there under $100. (My secret fantasy is to go to Costco some day and spend $10,000. Trust me, I could do it.)


Kevin and Ruby said...

Happy Birthday, Alisha!! I like the idea of birthday week. I'll have to tell Kevin. I love my round brush. It took me about a month to learn how to use it. I think think right product also helps. I like Biolage, Thermal Active Spray.

Christy Denney said...

Happy birthday! Your hair looks gorgeous by the way! I can't round brush my hair either.