Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rest of the Thompson Trip

Doing puzzles with Grandma

Ryan loved listening to the crickets and frogs with Grandpa. He's been doing this with Grandpa since he was two and remembers it each time.

My mom had these ceramic frogs all over the house and Kevin spent an afternoon gathering them for a reunion. My mom was great about it and let him play in the pot. They looked so funny.

Kevin loved Mandi their new dog. When he looks at the pictures of her he calls her "Handy Mandy" from the Nick Jr cartoon. haha

Growing up we always had bonfires during the spring to take care of fallen trees and pruned limbs. It was fun to have my kids share in that. They loved the marshmellows and gathering pinecones. Brenna wasn't too sure at first but was happy later.

Dump truck:
The boys found the dumptruck and had fun climbing all over it. I swear we've had this truck FOREVER. My mom always wanted my sister and I to sing that song "It's so Cozy to Ride in Dump truck" in that truck and record it. But we procrastinated and then we were too old to be cute. So now, we'll try with the next generation. Now if only I could find the lyrics...

My dad put Ryan to work watering.

Birthday party for my dad's 65!! We had all the brothers and sisters come from around. My mom did a balancing match/fork trick. Yummy food and great company!