Sunday, March 16, 2008

Disneyland - Day 1

(There'll be a lot of detail for me so just skip if you want)

We had a busy weekend around March 6. We drove down to Disneyland and stayed in the Carousel Inn. I'd recommend it. It's right across the entrance to the park. We splurged a bit and got a suite and now I don't know how I'll ever go back to a single room. It was so nice having the boys in their own room at night. Usually we all have to "shut down" to help the kids go to sleep and then we have to whisper and keep the TV really low. But here, I put the boys down in their room and we could actually keep the lights on in our room!

Our first ride was the Storybook Canal. Jeez, it was such a long wait! I was worried that all the rides would be like that but it was the only long wait for the day. Here we are going into Monstro's mouth. The boys are in the striped blue shirts and I'm the red. Brenna and Jeff waited since she was asleep in her stroller.

Next we did the teacups. There was NO WAIT at all. Wahoo! The boys really liked it. Notice that we are in a greenish cup because of Ryan.

We are in jail at Toon Town.

This was the boys' first roller coaster in Toon Town. I couldn't find Ryan in the picture until Jeff pointed him out in the FIRST car. My baby isn't old enough to ride by himself is he?!?! Jeff and Kevin are in the 3rd car. Ryan loved the coaster and and soon as he found out there was a grownup roller coaster (Big Thunder Mountain) he was begging for it.

Ryan was very interested in the map and was trying to direct us.

Ryan was NOT interested in meeting Mickey Mouse. He ran and hid and I had to pick him up and hold him for the group picture. Kevin, on the other hand, was thrilled to meet him and I tried to hold him back in line for our turn. He compromised by standing 3 feet away from Mickey and asking repeatedly "Is it our turn? Is it our turn?" Then high-fives and hugs for Mickey.

Here's what Brenna did all day.

The Dumbo ride was a big hit. Kevin with Jeff and me with the other 2. Don't miss our green Dumbo.

Luckily the boys watch The Sword and the Stone on the drive down so they knew exactly what this sword was. I love how Ryan's face was turning red from trying so hard.

We did all the original dark rides. Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland were our favs and definitely had a happier tone than the other rides. It was so funny to me in Snow White (I think) where the whole ride was dark and about all the evil things and then at the end of the ride, written on the WALL was "they lived happily ever after." Like an afterthought. Too funny.

We ended that day watching the Parade of Dreams. Great end to the day but boy were we beat. And of course the boys were excited for the next day and had a hard time going to sleep.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Disneyland - Day 2

Jeff's parents and brother and sister met us on the 2nd day. It was so nice to have extra hands to help with the kids.

Everyone rode Splash Mountain first while I stayed with Brenna and Kevin. Then Trisha took Kevin on the Winnie the Pooh ride, Julie stayed with Brenna, and I rode with Ryan again. He loved it and told me it was scary but he would help me not be scared. We sat in the back and while everyone got wet I was SOAKED!! From halfway down my shirt to my socks. I ended up changing later since it was too chilly being wet.

Here's Ryan waiting in line to see Winnie the Pooh. Notice how happy Ryan is to be AWAY from the characters? Notice how sad Kevin is to be AWAY and waiting his turn?

Yay, finally made it. I love how Kevin puts his hands in his pockets and just chills. Once again, I had to hold Ryan for the group picture. I didn't even try to make him see Tigger.

Here's 2 of our great helpers: Trish and TJ with Brenna.

Most of our group on the Jungle Cruise.

The Pirates ride was really fun - they've added a bunch of things from the movie. This was the one ride that scared Kevin. I wouldn't have even noticed but he had his hand on my thigh and I got a sharp pinch from him gripping so hard during one of the waterfalls.

Here's a pic of our strollers. Ryan was good about walking until the end of the day (see last picture).

Thanks to Trisha who really helped make the kids' day. She was great about taking them on rides their size.

Here's us while we're waiting for the Electrical Parade. This is one of the few pictures I got of Randy, Jeff's dad. I dont' know how he eludes the camera so well.

Snow White is such a love/hate thing for me. The movie is only ok for me and I have a hard time with her voice. It drives me crazy. But I think out of all the princesses, her gown is my favorite. It is so distinct to me. When you see someone wearing it (ie a little girl), you know right away who she is. Whereas with some of the others (Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella) it's not quite as clear.

While I was ready for yet another day of Disney Magic, the kids were more than done. I think Brenna's face says it all:

Day at the park.

We met at the park with Stacy and her kids. It was so nice to get the kids out with the weather getting warmer. I don't remember what Brenna was upset about. Stacy was great about remembering her camera and took some pics for us. Thanks Stacy!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

More Still...

by the way, these posts go out to my dear friend Loralee who has been worried that I've dropped off the planet. Love ya girl!!

Grandma Bitter (the ones we are staying with) is always so cute to find "projects" for the kids to do. Here she's pulled out her typewriter and letting the boys "work."

Tongue out when concentrating.
Kevin's always looking for a way to push the limits of things and how they work. Yes, Kevin, now they are all stuck.
Kevin and Brenna.
Brenna loves to sit in this chair and watch the boys play outside through the large window.

More Pics by Ryan

I posed for the first shot but then forgot he still had the camera. Here's a taste of what he did since I KNOW you don't want to see all 40 of them. =)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Visit with "White Grandma"

Ryan has so many Grandma's (5 right now) that he's resorted to coming up with unique names to remember some of them. "White Grandma" is my mom's mom. I love the look Brenna is giving her. By the way, what do you have your kids call your grandparents? I tried having them do the "great-grandparent" thing but it's such a mouth full for the kids.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Christmas Outfit

Yes, this is way late. Here's Brenna in the outfit my mom got her. It came with a cute red head band but alas her noggin is so big the band was leaving marks in her hair, I mean head.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Crazy grapefruit

Kind of a funny post, I know. But all of these seeds came from ONE grapefruit!! I have eaten many grapefruit in my life and never had more than 5-7 seeds. They just kept coming out!