Saturday, April 12, 2008

Long Car Trips

We have had a few long CA trips this year - visiting my parents and Disneyland. Jeff set up the entertainment system for the kids so the pull down screen in the middle will play movies off the moded xbox. He set speakers up in back too so we, the grownups, could listen to our own music up front instead of listening to 8 hrs of Disney shows.

This is Kevin's reaction as I turned "Cars" on for him to watch. I was cracking up and luckily grabbed a shot.

Here is Kevin's version of headphones. It's one of the speakers Jeff had anchored under the headrest.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy 65, Dad!!

Sorry, I've been gone again. We spent a week down in CA with my parents for my dad's 65th birthday bash. It was fun being with all the family again and all of my dad's family came.
Ryan wanted to eat one of those frosting balloons so bad!

Looking great! Mom and Dad

We're off to Snowbird for the weekend so I'll have to play catch up when I get back. Hope you're all doing great!