Friday, March 27, 2009

Moving around

Here's the same pic as the first one in the post below but I moved us around. I think I like it better this way so Logan is closer to me and not so far down. Go ahead and let me know which version you like better.

Logan at 1 month

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I love my children, I hate a can of Pam OR the day Kevin almost died

It was 4 pm and I was feeding Logan upstairs on my bed when Kevin and Ryan came in with very wet looking hands. I asked what it was and Ryan said that Kevin was playing with the Pam spray!

I ran downstairs and was met by the super-shiny, hair-greased-down, non-stick Brenna. Kevin had completely sprayed her down! As I stepped onto the tile floor (which covers most of the downstairs) I realized I was sliding around. After closer inspection I saw the entire tile floor was covered with a fine, greasy mist. I peeked around the corner, past the kitchen and into the living room where I saw that our new leather couch had a very shiny appearance and the base speaker was in matching apparel. Ryan also informed me that Kevin gave the CARPET (YES CARPET) a nice spray down too!

Ok, so I know I should have love and patience and understanding but I just lost it. I was exhausted from being up all night with Logan, it was near the end of a hard day and I had a disaster to clean up. It was so bad I didn't even know where to start.

I stood in the middle of that greasy floor and yelled. I yelled at Kevin for making the mess, I yelled at Ryan for watching him make the mess, and I yelled at Brenna for being messy (Yes, not very rational I know). Then I just bawled. I think that scared the kids the most and Kevin started crying. I called Jeff and told him that I needed help or he might be a kid short when he came home that night. Jeff and his mom Julie came over right away to help. Jeff took the kids upstairs to bathe them and Julie tackled the floors and furniture. I was sent upstairs to hold Logan.

I had the carpets cleaned the next morning because you could see shiny footprints on the tile floor everytime someone walked across the carpet and back.

I have no idea why Kevin did that. He's really not a mess maker. At least I can laugh about it now. Brenna sure did look funny with her greased-down hair and mega shiny face. Just not funny at the time since I was in no mood to pull out the camera and take a picture.