Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to Google!

K, I'm a total nerd.....but I LOVE to google things. I'm talking about medical questions to party ideas to history. I even googled "how to clean your dishwasher." Granted, I was mega nesting that day when I was pregnant. What's the craziest thing you've ever googled? Anyways, happy 9th birthday to Google!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Pictures at home

I'm trying to take some singles of Brenna but Kevin had to join the fun. Then Ryan had to get into the action also. I think that Brenna has her eyes opened wide enough for the three of them! She's finally starting to crack some smiles too. Wahoo!
Gotta love that cheesiness!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Super Powers

Here's the boys wearing their "super power necklaces." (They're the treds off a bulldozer toy) They wear them around their necks, heads, and wrists to give them super strength. I hope the necklaces are manly enough for Jeff.

Ryan started preschool

Ryan started preschool this year. Definately strange that I have a 4 year old. He was so excited to finally use his Diego backpack. When we were heading out the door Ryan was trying to give me kisses. I kept telling him "No, no, I'm taking you to school. I'm going with you." He looked at me really seriously and said "Yes, but then I'll be gone for super lots of time and you will miss me." Very true.
When I dropped him off and watched him walk into his class I cried and thought how my baby was too little for school and how I wished he would stay home forever. Of course, when it was time to pick him up, I wondered where the time had gone and wished I had more.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Say no to crack

So are you ready for the funniest story ever?! I'm at the library with Kevin standing in line to check out our books. I suddenly realize that Kevin's not next to me and look around. Lined up against the far wall are a row of computers. Sitting at one of them is a high school girl wearing the lowest low-rise jeans you could imagine. So yes, she is showing off her crack. And looking at that crack with utmost interest is my curious Kevin. He walks right up behind her and dipsticks her!!! That girl shot up off her chair and started tugging her shirt down as hard and as fast as she could. She must have been really embarrassed since she never turned around. And Kevin walks back to me quite pleased with himself. That should teach her. =)

The many adventures of Kevin

Who knew that being 2 could be so exciting. Kevin WILL get into anything: flour, brown sugar, furniture, cocoa...

Pics of boys

So for all of you who haven't seen us in a while here's some pics of the boys. These were taken last Thanksgiving so we are way overdue to get new ones, especially since we now have Brenna. I'm just dreading the idea of dragging 3 kids to pictures. Auugghh!!

I finally did it!!

K, I'm a computer graduate and I didn't even have a blog. What's wrong with that picture. So here I am! (A shout out to Christy for giving me the push I needed)