Saturday, April 12, 2008

Long Car Trips

We have had a few long CA trips this year - visiting my parents and Disneyland. Jeff set up the entertainment system for the kids so the pull down screen in the middle will play movies off the moded xbox. He set speakers up in back too so we, the grownups, could listen to our own music up front instead of listening to 8 hrs of Disney shows.

This is Kevin's reaction as I turned "Cars" on for him to watch. I was cracking up and luckily grabbed a shot.

Here is Kevin's version of headphones. It's one of the speakers Jeff had anchored under the headrest.


Nana Maggie said...

Hi Alisha, it is me Maggie. I sure do love the update on your blog, I was beginning to think that you were never going to get around to it. I so look forward to your updates about your family and the recent pictures of the kids. I just wanted to tell you that I sure do miss you and the kids coming by to see me, and if you ever find the time too please stop by. We would love to see you guys. Take care and I send you all our love.

Steve and Roxy said...

Cute Lish.... Your kids are adorable! I cant wait!