Saturday, March 15, 2008

Disneyland - Day 2

Jeff's parents and brother and sister met us on the 2nd day. It was so nice to have extra hands to help with the kids.

Everyone rode Splash Mountain first while I stayed with Brenna and Kevin. Then Trisha took Kevin on the Winnie the Pooh ride, Julie stayed with Brenna, and I rode with Ryan again. He loved it and told me it was scary but he would help me not be scared. We sat in the back and while everyone got wet I was SOAKED!! From halfway down my shirt to my socks. I ended up changing later since it was too chilly being wet.

Here's Ryan waiting in line to see Winnie the Pooh. Notice how happy Ryan is to be AWAY from the characters? Notice how sad Kevin is to be AWAY and waiting his turn?

Yay, finally made it. I love how Kevin puts his hands in his pockets and just chills. Once again, I had to hold Ryan for the group picture. I didn't even try to make him see Tigger.

Here's 2 of our great helpers: Trish and TJ with Brenna.

Most of our group on the Jungle Cruise.

The Pirates ride was really fun - they've added a bunch of things from the movie. This was the one ride that scared Kevin. I wouldn't have even noticed but he had his hand on my thigh and I got a sharp pinch from him gripping so hard during one of the waterfalls.

Here's a pic of our strollers. Ryan was good about walking until the end of the day (see last picture).

Thanks to Trisha who really helped make the kids' day. She was great about taking them on rides their size.

Here's us while we're waiting for the Electrical Parade. This is one of the few pictures I got of Randy, Jeff's dad. I dont' know how he eludes the camera so well.

Snow White is such a love/hate thing for me. The movie is only ok for me and I have a hard time with her voice. It drives me crazy. But I think out of all the princesses, her gown is my favorite. It is so distinct to me. When you see someone wearing it (ie a little girl), you know right away who she is. Whereas with some of the others (Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella) it's not quite as clear.

While I was ready for yet another day of Disney Magic, the kids were more than done. I think Brenna's face says it all:


Steve and Roxy said...

Yay for Disneyland! I love it there, but I dont know if I'll ever go back 'cause Steve absolutely loathes it!!! I'm glad the KIDS had fun!!!

Ryan and Hailee said...

What a fun trip!! I could live there!!! I miss you guys I wish you didn't have to leave :(