Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Visit with "White Grandma"

Ryan has so many Grandma's (5 right now) that he's resorted to coming up with unique names to remember some of them. "White Grandma" is my mom's mom. I love the look Brenna is giving her. By the way, what do you have your kids call your grandparents? I tried having them do the "great-grandparent" thing but it's such a mouth full for the kids.

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Glory Watts said...

Your kids are so cute! You have a little Alisha and a little Ciera look alike, I'm not sure who your daughter looks like though, she is a little doll! The names my kids have for Grandmas are: Granny Great, Mimi, Grandma Claudia, Grandma Leen (I know you know that one)and Grandma Watts, and Grandma June. It's hard for them to keep all the Grandma's straight ;) Take care!