Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Halloween Party

Roxy threw a surprise birthday party for her hubby, Steve. It was a lot of fun since they rented out a bowling alley. There was yummy chow and games. We were supposed to dress up. I was going to but Jeff said he wasn't. So I just had the kids wear their stuff. Then as we are walking out the door, Jeff grabs his 7-Eleven costume and teases me about not being dressed up. Auuggghhh!!
Me and my sister, Ciara.

Kevin is a rooster and Ryan is an ER doctor. At least they were for about 2 minutes at the party before the costumes came off.

Ryan loves to play doctor so I figured it would be a great investment as a Halloween costume. Here, Brenna is getting her checkup and received a clean bill of health.


Chris and Chelz said...

how cute! how is ciara doing? i miss her! tell her hello the next time you see her! your hair is so long, mine was that long and i just cut over a foot off about a month ago! you look really good!

Davis & Asialene said...

Fun! I always want to dress up but Davis won't unless it's something really good. Jeff is so funny! I can't believe he did that to you! Savanna loves playing doctor too -- good idea on the costume.