Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Costco Tales...

I was at Costco last Saturday with Ryan. I always end my shopping spree there with "Ok, gotta get outta here before I buy anything else."

Then at the checkout we saw a man in his 40's with a loading cart FILLED with food. 9 cases of tomatos, 6 boxes of cereals, sugers, flours, oils, 4 cases of olives, etc. I pointed him out to Ryan and asked why he thought he had so much food. (I was expecting a nice little conversation on food storage or such.)

Ryan replies: "Oh he didn't get out of Costco fast enough."

On a side note, some other guy teased the man about his food asking if he had some insider info about the second coming. To which the man replied VERY seriously, "No, I just have a very large family." I then thought of my friend Glory and her family of 13 kids and what their grocery trips must have been like. =)

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Amy Beatty said...

So cute. You don't really realize how much you say something until your kids repeat it.