Thursday, November 20, 2008

Discovery Kingdom

We had an awesome trip to CA last month and already the kids are begging to go back. I think I'd like to make it an annual tradition. We went to the Discovery Kingdom (Marine World Africa USA as it was called back in the day). Since I was pregnant and the kids are still little we mostly stuck with the animals and the kiddie rides. Our first stop was the tanks of dolphins. A little known secret: take a comb with you and slowly scratch the teeth with your nail against the glass. The dolphins LOVE it and hang around to check it out.

The Shark Tunnel: The boys disappeared and I found them taking another turn on their backs looking up at the sharks. The people around them thought that was definitely the best view!
Brenna added her fair share of finger prints to the glass.
Tiger going after meat in water.

Butterfly Land:
Brenna LOVED this place and was checking out all the butterflies that were overhead. . . so was Grandma. =)

Grandma and Grandpa Thompson with grand kids

Me and Brenna

Kevin is such a ham and was blowing kisses and waving to the crowd. Jeff first tried this ride with the boys but was so heavy the helicopter wouldn't go up! haha so the ride attendant let the boys have another turn without getting in line again. This is called the "I've had it and want to get out of here" face. Brenna was such a trooper since she didn't get to nap this day.


Roxane said...

I love these pictures! I bet your Mom had so much fun with the kids. I miss Marine World...

Kari said...

AWESOME tiger shot. Wow! Bet the kids loved that!