Monday, November 17, 2008

Halloween Part 1

We had a Halloween party at Jamie's house (sister-in-law) that was so much fun. Kevin - cowboy, Ryan - pirate, me - black widow, Brenna - cat. Jeff was a scout and actually had to go to scouts that night so missed out on the party.


Kari said...

Awesome costume, Alisha! Bren looks adorable and very familiar costume on her :) Your belly is adorable and tiny! What is your due date?? LOVE the costco tales. MIss you!
P.S. What kind of camera did you get from costco?

Roxane said...

WoW! Ive missed so much on here! Between you and Ciara Im scared out of my mind! Great job on the costumes... I love seeing adults dress up. I always do.