Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Make-a-Wish 1 Mile Run

They had a mile run at the elementary school for a girl dealing with brain cancer. It was really fun to have the WHOLE family involved!

Uncle TJ playing leap frog with the kids while waiting for the race to start.

We all had numbers, even the kids! Here's Jeff and Brenna showing theirs.

Since I forgot to pack a stroller for Brenna, she had a first class ride on Jeff's shoulders. He ran with her the whole way. What was so funny was that she didn't try to hold on to him and just let her arms bounce and flap during the run. I had to stop looking at them or I would laugh so hard I couldn't run. And of course Brenna sported the serious look the entire run.

Here's our group: Nana,Papa,and their 4 kids with their families. 14 1/2 in all! (Cousin John was there and took our pic)

Me and the girl(s)?? After the run I thought I had put myself in labor. Ryan ran the whole thing and finished 1st in our group and Kevin was a sport and ran/walk/was carried for it.

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