Friday, November 30, 2007

New Pics

So I finally braved it, and got the kids in for pictures. You probably can't tell, but Brenna was crying most of the time. She wouldn't smile in the group shot for anything. So we settled for a picture that didn't have a huge scowl. =) The boys were awesome and help up well. Near the end when the photographer was really trying hard to coax a smile out of Brenna, Ryan had a locked smile on his face, and through clenched teeth said, ever so politely, "Just take the picture."
My mother-in-law took the boys for a stroll through the mall so I could work on Brenna's singles. Wouldn't you know, as soon as I got her naked she was happy as a bug. So we'd take her picture in one outfit then I strip her down and let her chill for a minute before dressing her again. That would give me 3 minutes before she'd cloud up. I was so glad when that day was done!
This is the dress that we blessed Brenna in. It's also the dress that I was blessed in. Sweet, huh?


Kevin and Ruby said...

such adorable pics! Where do you go? We found a town-house in Springville. It is called the Camelot Village. They are 2 years old and have all the fun stuff-park,pool,rec room, and clubhouse. I don't know if you have ever been to Good Wood, but we love it. It originated in Boise, and we ate there all the time, while we were up there. We'll have to go there together sometime

Alisha said...

We had the pictures done at Kiddie Kandids. They are kind of expensive and I always promise that I'll "do them myself next time." But they do turn out pretty cute and I love that I get the pictures that day.

Chris and Chelz said...

cute pics! my mom bought sydney that same dress for christmas!

colby & marie said...

You have such a beautiful little family! Those pictures are so cute! I say the same thing about doing pics myself but they really do a good job when you get them done profesionally!

Nana Maggie said...

The pictures of the kids are adorable. And I think Brenna did a fabulous job. The boys are darling as usual. I remember taking my kids to Kiddie Kandids when they were little and I too loved the way they did. I would love to be able to take my grandson there, but sometimes my son and his wife are so funny about things. My daugther in laws sister is a professional photographer and Thomas will not let me even use her.

Kayla said...

The Kids are sooo cute, how did you get them to smile so cute. Thanks for the comment ya the cowboys are my fav,they are doing so well this season im suprise lol.Ya i hate being sick all the time and expecially now that i have mono lol. well have fun. Talk 2 ya l8er luv ya.
Kayla *kk*