Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Leap Frog What?

I'm looking into getting Ryan a Leap Frog Learning System for Christmas but I'm so confused. There's seams to be a Leap Frog Pad, a Pad Plus, a Pad Writing, a Leapster, etc. Does anyone know anything about these and what would be best for a 4 year old?

Plus I just read on CNN that they are recalling AquaDots! I'm so sad since I had gotten them for Ryan for Christmas. Oh, well, back to Costco.


Kevin and Ruby said...

I am laughing sooo hard about Ryan's questions. Isn't that a 4 year old? I made the mistake of reading that post to Shari, and now she is asking questions...About the leap frog, I have no idea! What are your ideas for Christmas?? You will have to read my blog about the aqua dots.

Michelle & Jake Walkenhorst said...

Kai loves his Read and Write LeapPad
with his Cars interactive Book and cartridge.
I'm planning on getting him the Smart Guide to Kindergarten

Hope this helps!!

The Phipps said...

Call me or I'll call you- I can tell you about the one that we got Kate for Christmas last year. I'm still laughing about Ryan's questions- where in the world do they come up with these things!

Jeff and Sheila Capell said...

HI ALISHA!! It's Sheila (Stacy) Capell and I found you through Stacy's blog! HOW EXCITING!! Holy cow, you have THREE kids (and by the way...I still feel like I'm 18 just out of HS...are we really this grown-up??) Anyways, my blog is I'm so happy to see how you're doing!! LOVE Ryan's questions, isn't life great??