Thursday, June 25, 2009

We've been exposed...

I just found out yesterday that Brenna's nursery teacher has the swine flu! Brenna and I were both around her for 2 hours so I'm really worried that we might have caught it. So far we are symtome free but we still have 3 days left of the incubating 7. Kevin has a cough that I keep telling myself he had BEFORE Sunday. =) I know that it's really just a hyped up case of the flu but I still am nervous since Logan is only 4 months old.
Our bishop is cancelling nursery this Sunday and I've heard that some of the wards in our area have been totally cancelled. Crazy!

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Roxy said...

ok Lish- Im totally freaking out for you! This hits so close to home! My friend in my ward's sister just got swine flu and now steves sis (casey) might have it! Im freaking out because my MIL is coming over to babysit today and asked if she could bring Caseys son. UUGGHHH Seriously?! DO people not use their brain?! I REALLY hope you dont have it! Keep us updated! Love you guys!