Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why no dessert

To finish up the story of my bad little boys: see here

I like to think of myself as a dessert moderate. Sure, little Ryan had no idea what a doughnut was at the age of 4. When he had one at a party he referred to them as "tasty bagels." But we are at least no stranger to ice cream and the occasional cookies or cake. While we do not have dessert every night, it graces our counter quite often. I feel (hope) that if my kids are around treats with moderation it will not be such an obsession with them later.

So you can imagine my surprise when one afternoon I notice Ryan's cheek is smeared with something chocolaty. When confronted he pointed to the side of the couch. There between the wall and the couch (of course the perfect little hiding spot) are not one but TWO melted creamies! The chocolate was half gone and still in a somewhat solid state while the ORANGE creamie was a nice little melted pool of food coloring and sugar.

As I pulled back the couch to get in a better angle to attack the mess, I discovered the treasure trove of all troves. There is a nice little run-way along the back of our couch and wall that is perfect size for 2 little boys. I was aware that they would play back there but had no idea of the vastness of their shenanigans.

When what to my wondering eyes did appear but the remains, nay, the evidence of naughtiness. There were no less than the wrappers of 12 creamies, 6 string cheeses, a few pudding cups, and fruit snack wrappers!!!! Besides the garbage there was ice cream and pudding splattered on the carpet, back of the couch and the wall. I was shocked that my boys could be so sneaky, so devious, so quiet! And then I realized ... the box of creamies HAD emptied more quickly than normal, and the boys HAD been picking at their meals, and they HAD been spending more time behind the couch lately.

While I might have spoken a bit hastily the words "No dessert for a MONTH" came out. I was so upset that they had 1. taken food in the living room 2. sneaked food without permission and 3. made such a huge mess all over the carpet. Later I felt bad about the month comment but knew I had to stick to my guns after sentencing them, or I'd get wheedled down to a day. I consoled myself that it wouldn't be too bad for them since the holidays were a ways a way. And then 3 days later it was Brenna's b-day. =( Hence the frozen Yoplaits for the celebration while the rest of us had cake and ice cream.

Yes, I think the punishment was a bit strong, especially for their age. And it was hard when we went to Sunday dinners at the grandparents and all the other cousins got dessert. But the asking lessened considerably after the first week. And now when I make my check behind the couch (which is much more often now) Ryan is quick to assure me that there is nothing back there cause he doesn't want "to miss dessert for that long ever again!" And Kevin nods his head. Sure made the impression!


Blake and Mandi said...

Alisha, I totally 'blog-stalked' you from the Thorne's blog! I'm sorry, but I could not help but comment on this post. THAT is one of the funniest, naughty boy stories I have ever heard. I was giggling as I read it. Mandi Taylor

A bunch of Thornes said...

haha... im suprprised also! id think Ryan would have said something about it! Im proud of u- sticking to ur guns. It can be hard- im sure they have learned their lesson. :)

Dave, Loralee, Emma, & Bree said...

LOVE IT! I would have busted up laughing if I saw all the wrappers without the mess on the carpet-the carpet stains would have done me in too :) I'm glad you're sticking to your guns!