Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Brenna - 1 year!

August 1 (she was born on her due date)
Brenna was far from shy or dainty when it was cake time. She was in it with both hands and loving it. Grandma Bitter made her a doll cake from angel food. I made an ice cream carmel dessert for the grownups. After the parties for the boys (see below) I took it easy for her party.

Notice my darling boys with their delicious . . . yogurt??? Yes, they were not allowed to have any dessert for a few weeks; not even for the party. Gasp!! But that is another story...


Steve and Roxy said...

Happy Birthday Brenna! Wow your kids are getting so old! Freeze time! BTW- Love the new look of your blog!

A bunch of Thornes said...

I havent checked ur blog in a while- she looks so cute! i love it when she smiles! :) i cant believe she is already one... they grow too fast.