Friday, December 21, 2007

*cough* *hack* *ache*

Our whole family has the flu. And by family, yes even Brenna, and no, not Jeff. I don't know how he gets out of these things but he just never gets sick. Ryan started us off with it Sunday morning and Kevin, Brenna, and I followed on Tuesday. Most of the fevers are gone and we're hacking away.

Jeff has left for the weekend with all the guys in the family for Vegas. They are going to see the BYU game. LUCKY!! Actually I'm more jealous that he's not sick. =) So I'm stuck here at home with sick kids and it's makes me really wonder if I want more kids. Yeah, it all seems sunshine and good times when the kids are healthy and obedient, but when sickness come to call (especially when I'm hit with it too) I feel like I have 3 kids too many. haha

Luckily I have some great neighbors and my mother-in-law who do grocery drop-offs and entertain the healthier kids while I grab a nap. I just hope we get better by Tues.
On a happier note, there's a good chance that we'll have snow on Christmas Eve!! I've never had that happen so I'm excited.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Pass the Sprite

So growing up eggnog has been a fun Christmas treat. Granted my mom always passed on it. The whole idea of it grossed her out.

When I came to Utah I realized they have this weird idea of adding a thinner to it. Good 'ole Sprite. Now I have tried it and it's not bad, the fizz is kind of nice. But you lose a lot on the way it goes down nice and thick and creamy. So in my family we drink it plain.

My poll to you all out there is on the right. How do you take your nog?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Go Cougs!!!

I finally got some pics of Jeff and me at a BYU game. We got season tickets this year and it was so fun. With the BYU/UofU game being best of course. My voice was hoarse by the end. Kari, Stacy, Loralee, does my shirt bring back memories??? =)

Here Comes Santa ... in a Fire Truck

Our little town is just so cute. The Monday after Thanksgiving Santa has a quick ride down Main Street in the fire truck with the lights and sirens going. As he gets out of the truck we have a count down and light the city tree. Then Santa meets with the kids and hands out candy canes. How cute is that!!

Annual Christmas Trip

So every year we go out to dinner and look at Christmas lights with Jeff's family. We've done the Temple Square lights and the drive through ones down in Spanish Fork (my personal favorite since you can stay nice and warm in the car).

This year we had a great surprise. Like our ride!?

It holds 14 so no one else get married or have babies!! Jeff likes this ride for our 12 kids down the road. I love the 5 car seats all next to each other.

We had 6 kids and 8 adults! We stopped and had dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Delicious!!!!!!! And the kids behave pretty well.

Ryan in green and Kevin in red. The boys were mostly interested in the Christos this year. I love Temple Square but the lights aren't what they used to be so the boys were done pretty fast with being outside. We had a quick stop inside to look at the statue and then left for home.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!