Friday, December 21, 2007

*cough* *hack* *ache*

Our whole family has the flu. And by family, yes even Brenna, and no, not Jeff. I don't know how he gets out of these things but he just never gets sick. Ryan started us off with it Sunday morning and Kevin, Brenna, and I followed on Tuesday. Most of the fevers are gone and we're hacking away.

Jeff has left for the weekend with all the guys in the family for Vegas. They are going to see the BYU game. LUCKY!! Actually I'm more jealous that he's not sick. =) So I'm stuck here at home with sick kids and it's makes me really wonder if I want more kids. Yeah, it all seems sunshine and good times when the kids are healthy and obedient, but when sickness come to call (especially when I'm hit with it too) I feel like I have 3 kids too many. haha

Luckily I have some great neighbors and my mother-in-law who do grocery drop-offs and entertain the healthier kids while I grab a nap. I just hope we get better by Tues.
On a happier note, there's a good chance that we'll have snow on Christmas Eve!! I've never had that happen so I'm excited.


Julie said...

I hope you guys survived! The flu stinks...especially when mom gets it too. You seem to have adjusted to having 3 kids really'll have to tell me your secrets. Hope you had a great Christmas!

NanaMaggie said...

I am sorry to hear that you guys all got sick, I sure hope that you did not get it from Kayla. I hope you had a great Christmas, ours was great! All the kids did end up coming for Christmas Eve and we ended up doing all of our Christmas right after midnight. Hope you guys are feeling better. Take care and hope to hear from you soon.

Steve and Roxy said...

Hope you guys were feeling better by your trip!!! I cant wait to hear all about it!!!

The Phipps said...

Where are you guys? I hope you made it back safely- I was hoping to see sunny beach pictures!