Friday, December 14, 2007

Pass the Sprite

So growing up eggnog has been a fun Christmas treat. Granted my mom always passed on it. The whole idea of it grossed her out.

When I came to Utah I realized they have this weird idea of adding a thinner to it. Good 'ole Sprite. Now I have tried it and it's not bad, the fizz is kind of nice. But you lose a lot on the way it goes down nice and thick and creamy. So in my family we drink it plain.

My poll to you all out there is on the right. How do you take your nog?


Kevin and Ruby said...

I am like you. My Mom thins hers with gingerale. Kevin loves half eggnog half gingerale. I like my eggnog plain. The thicker the better!

Kevin and Ruby said...

Our race pic was taken in Layton. Speedway is the company and you can race souped-up go-carts. It is a blast!! I can't remember the last time I had that much fun. You just borrow the suits when you pay for your hour of racing. My Dad just celebrated his 50th birthday on the 14th and he took all the brothers there. David, Calvin, Rex, Beau, Kevin and Joel (Bonnie's husband). Dad won and Uncle David came in last. heehee..It is about $25 to race. The go carts get up to about 30 or 40 miles an hour, but it seriously feels like 100!

John and Christy said...

I hate it with sprite in it. I thought that was weird too when I was in UT. Just got your Christmas card. JOhn and I enjoyed the part about JEff and Halo 3. Gamers like us appreciated that!

colby & marie said...

Sprite!?! ickkkk! Sounds weird! Well, now I have to try it. We always do it half and half..milk and eggnogg.