Monday, April 25, 2011

My sweetheart Kevin

This is a post for myself to remind me that my little boy can really be a sweet kid. Cause sometimes he is so contrary!

Ryan(7) and Kevin(5) were playing at our park and some (or one) children started bullying another kid. Nothing physical but lots of name calling and excluding him. Ryan stayed out of it but Kevin joined in with the other kids. They came home from the park and told me about it.

We talked about how the boy must have felt being called mean names. Ryan said he knew he felt sad by his face and because he was standing all by himself. Then we talked about being good neighbors and standing up for others. I thought that was the end of it since the boys wandered out of the room.

But 2 minutes later Kevin comes back in the room with tears running down his face. He tells me that he feels so sad for Kai and for what he did to him. And he wants to go to his house and tell him he's sorry. We walk over and Kevin apologizes to this kid who is almost double his age, then gives him his stretchy necklace thingy too to make up for it. It was pretty touching to have this 9 year put his arm about my 5 year old and say thanks.

Kevin walked home with me and said his heart felt happy. I'd like to claim this for my parenting skills but Kevin just had some of this stuff preloaded.

Ryan compared the whole thing to Nephi's brothers. How Lemuel chose to following Lamen in murmuring against Nephi and Lehi instead of sticking up for Nephi. haha k, I might claim that.

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