Thursday, February 26, 2009

Logan R

You've probably wondered what the R stands for


Actually it does but his legal name is Logan R Young. Yes, just the initial. My Aunt Shirley has just the letter A for her middle name and that's what gave me the idea.

Logan's maternal grandfather is Roger, his paternal grandfather is Randy and his daddy is Randy. (Yes, in case you didn't know - Jeff's first name IS Randy) So I thought to honer 3 great men in his life we'd not try to choose and just use the initial R. It's something he'll love or hate later but I thought it was fun and different to do it that way. (It's actually kind of Ciara's idea).

So now we have:

Ryan Jeff (Jeff for his dad)
Kevin Leith (Leith for my dad's dad)
Brenna (sorry, no middle name for girls. I didn't get one either)
Logan R (for grandfathers,dad)

The first names have no family significance but we found out that Ryan and Kevin are Irish Gaelic so that's where we looked for Brenna's name and Logan's.
Ryan means "little king" which he is
Kevin means "handsome" which I think he is
Brenna means "raven-haired beauty" WHOOPS! She's a strawberry blond
Logan means "little hollow". not sure how that applies.

So there you go, a little history on our kids names.


Myra said...

My brother's both have just a letter for their middle name. When trying to apply to graduate school, my brother had a difficult time with the application because the computer wouldn't recognise a middle initial without a period after it.

Raven said...

I think that's a great way to honor all three men--good thinking! I think I told you this, but we've considered using the name Brenna since I've also read that it can mean "little Raven" ;) Congrats on the newest addition to your family. May he sleep and eat well for you!