Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby updates

On Monday I had my 38 week checkup. I'm at a 2 which is really good for me. Usually I'm nothing or a 1 right until I go into labor. The doctor wants to induce me on Sunday since I'll be 39 weeks by then and he thinks it'll be easier. But I'm holding out. I don't have a record of going over my due date and I HATED having pitocin with Kevin. It made the whole labor experience really hard and NOT a fun challenge.

Plus I really am in no hurry to have this baby. To prove my point, my water actually leaked a bit an hour after my checkup on Monday and I called the nurse and asked if I could just "ignore" it unless contractions started or I had a major break. haha So here I am still at home with no new changes. Jeff's been calling me the girl who cried wolf. My mom's coming up Thursday so that's when I'll mop the kitchen floor and vacuum and see if that sets me off. Until then, I'm teaching Joy School on Thursday and just puttering around the house with laundry and such.


Stacie and Darren said...

You're too funny :) I understand wanting to get a whole lot done in the meantime though. good luck with that. Any day now though. I'll keep watching for new posts. Love you guys!

Davis and Asialene said...

I can't believe you're still teaching Joy School when you're this far along! We can't wait to see the new baby. We'll been keeping an eye on your blog!