Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why does unpacking take so long!

So, we've back over 2 weeks now and i'm still not all unpacked. The garage has boxes everywhere, mostly filled with stuff that I think "where did I have this before and do I really have to bring it back in." My mom's been up here for a few weeks and she's helped play with the kids while I try to finish. She left today wondering if anything really got done. Everyday we clean out 10 boxes and the next morning I pulled in 10 more.

We finally got an awning put over out back yard which has been nice for the kids. It was too hot before because it's all cemented and just cooked anyone outside. We were borrowing a shed from Jeff's parents that we kept in the back but emptied that out so the kids would have more room to play. So now we have Christmas, Halloween, and camping all over the family room and I really wonder how I'm going to get the house back in order.

And to top it all off, I get to deal with morning sickness. Yes, you heard right. Our fun, little, SURPRISE is due Feb 7 2009.
You know it's bad when you go in for your first 10 week exam and the nurse is just laughing at you when you have a 5 year old, a 3 year old, and a 10 month old. So I will officially be one of THOSE moms with kids 18 months apart. I now know why Heavenly Father sent me an easy baby like Brenna, or I would be in danger of losing my mind. Course, I just need to wait for her to be 18 months and then we'll see how easy she stays. hahah ahahahahahahaha ok, get it under control.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

We moved back

After 5 months of lots of looks but no offers on our house, we've decided to move back home. We did the big move this weekend and I'm still trying to unpack my kitchen. It's always nice to be home but we are grateful to Grandma and Grandpa Bitter for sharing their home with us. Maybe we'll try again next year. ha The plus side is that my house is TOTALLY cleaned and de-junked and I'm being careful about what I bring back in the house.